Morris Meadows Residents Locked Out the Gate

“Unlawful” is the word the Morris Meadows residents used to describe a People’s National Party (PNP) Area Councilor in Portmore who reportedly used his vehicle to block the entrance of a gated community. In an almost two and a half minute-long video residents can be heard complaining that the councilor’s vehicle is preventing them from accessing their homes. 

This video which has been circulating on social media shows residents of the Morris Meadows community in Portmore St. Catherine disgruntled over what they claim is the unlawful behaviour of PNP Councilor and Deputy Mayor Alrick Campbell, who used his vehicle to block the entrance of the gated community.  It is said Campbell is adamant the gate should not have been erected, as it is not a strata community, however, the residents say the manner was not handled properly.

The police eventually came and had Mr. Campbell remove his vehicle.

In a statement on Monday JLP Member of Parliament for the St. Catherine South Eastern Division, Robert Miller is calling on the local government and notes that Campbell’s behavior is questionable. Miller is also calling on the high command of the JCF, the Political Ombudsman along with the Integrity Commission to immediately investigate if there was any corrupt use of power by Campbell during the confrontation with residents.

CVM LIVE understands that the dispute allegedly started over the construction of the community gate. In the meantime, our news team reached out to the Mayor of Spanish Town Norman Scott, who it is alleged gave the authority for the gate to be constructed. He told us that a meeting will be held later this week with members of the association and municipality to discuss the various issues surrounding gated communities across the municipality.

Calls were also made to Councilor Alrick Campbell which proved futile.

It has also brought sharply into focus, the call for Portmore to be named the 15th parish.

More details in this report:

CVM LIVE will continue to track this story