Mocho Division Chairman, Romaine Morris, Defects from JLP to PNP

Romaine Morris, the Chairman for the Mocho Division in North Central Clarendon, has officially resigned from the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), marking a notable shift in allegiance to the People’s National Party (PNP). Morris, who had been associated with the JLP since 2016, submitted his resignation letter to JLP General Secretary Horace Chang, expressing his decision to terminate his party membership.

Morris publicly announced his departure during a municipal meeting, citing ideological differences as the primary reason for his switch. This move follows a recent pattern of political realignments, with Venesha Francis transitioning from the PNP to the JLP in November, and two out of three PNP councillors for Westmoreland joining the government ranks in September.

The Mocho Division is a crucial part of the North Central Clarendon Constituency, which is currently led by JLP Member of Parliament Robert Morgan.

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