More Than 33, 000 Tablets Already Distributed To Students

 Students at the Drews Avenue Primary and Infant School and the Seaward Primary and Junior High are among the 33,000 students to have received tablets through the collaborative effort of e-learning Jamaica and the Government.

And as the government takes steps to bridge the cyber chasm, access to electricity and reliable internet are being put at the forefront.

Minister of Education Fayval Williams explains that help is on the way for students who are not path beneficiaries.

It has been a month since the virtual reopening of schools and the education minister says there has been some progress as more students are now logging on.

The pandemic has exposed the magnitude of the digital divide in Jamaica…but even as students are being given access to devices much more is needed to bridge the shortfall. Minister of Science Energy Technology and Mining Daryl Vaz Says a hundred-day plan will be put in place to strengthen the country’s technological infrastructure. He says rural communities especially will be targeted.  Vaz adds that another six thousand tablets are on the way to be delivered in the coming weeks.

Christeen Forbes has this reports: