More Police Witnesses Called to Verify Chain of Custody

Members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, (JCF) were called to establish the chain of custody of recordings between gang members. On day 33 of the one don Klansman trial the three new police witnesses, one after the other took the stand.

Alleged gang leader Andre Blackman Bryan and his 32 co-accused are being tried under the anti-gang legislation on an indictment with 25 counts. On Wednesday, November 24 the prosecution completed its examination of the 4th witness, a female detective.

The police witness was asked to identify transcripts she made of WhatsApp audios and telephone conversations that were recorded between a former gang member turned crowned witness and the accused members, as well as a cd containing the recordings. All exhibits were marked for identification.

On Tuesday, November 23 the prosecution attempted to submit the secret recordings into evidence, but the Defence objected on the basis that the chain of custody for the phone the conversation was recorded on was not fully established.

The prosecution then on Wednesday called on three other police witnesses to verify the chain of custody. Two of the detectives detailed how they received two phones with sims and memory cards, from their supervisor and the former gang member turned informant.

The devices they say were submitted to the Communication Forensics and Cyber-Crime Division, (CFCD) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s, (JCF’s) Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime Branch, (C-TOC).
The prosecution made applications for the officers to be recalled at a later date.

The Senior Detective who the former gang member says he introduced to the gang as his uncle was called to the stand. He also verified the chain of custody for the devices.

The senior cop detailed how he met the former gang member, recorded statements, and was taken to 13 locations where gang members allegedly committed several crimes. The trial continues on Thursday, November 25 at 10 am.

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