More On Lisa Hanna Vs. Mark Golding PNP Presidential Race

Both candidates vying for the presidency within the People’s National Party (PNP) have promised an open door policy of working together when the dust settles on November 7.

So far the campaigns have remain civil and both candidates are receiving support from most of the bigwigs of the party.

But only one leader will emerge from the battle field come November 7.

Both presidential aspirants have picked up endorsements from key operatives of the Party.

Dr. KD Knight and Phillip Paulwell have recently joined the “Build Back Di Love” camp while Dr. Angela Brown Burke and Dr. Fenton Ferguson are among the Golding supporters.

Speaking on CVM LIVE recently, supporters of both candidates gave reasons for their choices.

“The fact of the matter is when you look at a Lisa Hanna she brings to the table a solid experience of being there, helping, being at the forefront of leadership and that sort of experience is what stands her in good stead right now,” says Jennifer Housen, member of the Peoples’ National Party.

However, Political Commentator Dr. Garnet Roper, says “I happen to believe that Mark carries both by experience and talent and acumen and orientation, the skill set which if the delegates support will be better for the PNP.”

Whoever is elected will be tasked with reuniting the party, while regaining the trust of the electorate.