More JDF Personnel Being Questioned In Relation To Drug Bust

More JDF personnel are being questioned in relation to the seizure of a large quantity of ganja in St. Elizabeth.

The incident took place on Tuesday. Two JDF Soldiers were arrested after being intercepted by members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Narcotic’s Team, aided by other Jamaica Defence Force members.

The Soldiers reportedly opened fire at the interception team causing a shootout to ensue.

Acting Colonel General Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Dameon Creary, says the operation to intercept the Soldiers was intentional after an irregularity was observed. He says the Soldiers left Up Park Camp in Kingston and headed to Gutters in St. Elizabeth on their drug mission.

The Acting Colonel General Staff continued to explain that a newly installed closed circuit television at the Cannon Ball Gate on the Up Park Camp, turned out to be the first documented evidence. 

The intelligence driven operation appeared to be on target until the now suspects were surprised by the Narcotics Team. 

“It is important to note that there were no JDF weapons involved in the incident, the JDF continues it’s rigorous internal investigations to determine if other persons may have been complicit in illegal activity or if there was anyone negligent in the execution of their official duties. As a result, four persons are being questioned…”

The rank of the two Soldiers arrested and those being questioned has not been released.

All in all, Lieutenant Colonel Creary confidently states that Tuesday’s operation was a demonstration  of the JDF’s robust internal monitoring system as well as its strong partnership with the JCF. 

CVM LIVE‘s Aladden Love reports: