Twenty nine Jamaicans will be deported from the United Kingdom next week Wednesday.

The mass deportation is causing some raised eyebrows and reminding others of the recent Windrush controversy.

Hundreds of Jamaicans with a legal right to live in Britain were told to leave while the home office created what it called a hostile environment for immigrants making them want to leave.

Immigration attorney Jennifer Housen says British deportations are often controversial.

Last year February 50 Jamaicans were scheduled for deportation, however the number was reduced after 21 people finally got access to legal representation.

President of the Jamaica Association for the Resettlement of returning residents, Percival Latouche, says lack of representation from the UK High Commission can be linked to the frequent deportation of Jamaican nationals from the United Kingdom.

Both Latouche and Housen insist that more needs to be done to provide Jamaicans living in the UK with greater access to representation.

She says there is no real partnership between Jamaica and the UK and is calling on the government to take action.