More Guilty Verdicts For “Blackman” Et Al- Klansman Trial

Guilty charges were laid against alleged leader Andre “Blackman” Bryan and several of his co-accused, as the Chief Justice continues his summation in the historic Klansman Trial. Over two dozen men accused of being involved in a criminal organization remain on trial. Andre “Blackman” Bryan, Jazeel Blake, Tareek James, and Dylon McLean have been found guilty on counts 7 & 8 of the indictment, in relation to the 2017 arson of a St. Catherine home in the Fisheries community and the murder of a couple.

In handing down the verdict, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes says he is satisfied that the former gang member turned state witness was able to positively identify the accused on the night the incident unfolded. In going through the facts of the case, Sykes says “it doesn’t matter who threw the bottle bomb into the house because it was a group effort, and all members involved were aware” of the mission. Sykes references the witness’ testimony stating the mission was to “burn down fisheries” and get rid of Tesha Miller’s top shooter and don in the area, whose alias was mentioned in court. The Chief Justice feels satisfied and is certain that the accused “went on their murderous mission,” and enabled and facilitated the events that unfolded by being present and lending their support to execute the offenses. 

Going off the witness’s testimony sykes says he is satisfied that the group that left the meeting place is the group that arrived at fisheries and committed the mayhem. Though sykes says it is unclear if the intended target was killed, he reminds the court that two bodies were found, and therefore the offences stand. Fabian Johnson, Brian Morris, and Michael Whitely were found not guilty on these charges.

Meanwhile, repeated attempts to kill one known as Doolie were again brought before the court, when the chief justice found Blackman guilty in relation to count 6- facilitating applicable offense by a criminal organization. 

Sykes deems the crown’s witness “a reliable source” and accepts his testimony, which paints Blackman as being instrumental in the planning of Doolie’s murder. Sykes says since Blackman provided the men, means, and plan for the murder, this proves no one else had the authority to order killings except for him. 

In ending the court session, a grinning sykes says “the end of the case is near” and we await what that means when court resumes, Tuesday.  

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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