More Calls for The Suspension of Windalco’s Licence

Stakeholders have been demanding swift action from the government against Windalco, the bauxite mining company responsible for the pollution in the Rio Cobre. The company has reportedly committed multiple environmental breaches. 

Calls for a revision of legislation and fines to reflect the severity of the damage has intensified. Environmental activists are lashing out against the WINDALCO mining company, for being a known repeat offender in breaching its environmental permit. Opposition Spokesperson on Environment, Senator Sophia Frazer Binns, says in the past, their offenses received similar reaction, with minimal enforcement by the government to negate a repeat.

Senator Binns is among those calling for the suspension of Windalco’s licences until they install proper waste management plants. She says a fine is insufficient as a deterrent.

The chief legislation that deals with the protection of the environment is the Natural Resources Conservation Act (NRCA). Senator Binns is calling for the inclusion of those being affected by the spill to have a say in its review.  

She says the opposition has been communicating with residents in the area, for updates on their situation. While she commends Minister Samuda’s promises to help the residents, she stresses the importance of swift action. She’s hopeful that the Rio Cobre pollution will be a stepping stone towards more assertive efforts in protecting the environment.  

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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