In Hartlands, St. Catherine, a new challenge has emerged for farmers who recently faced compensation disputes over their lands. Adding to their woes, untamed cattle have become a significant issue, turning what was once a source of livelihood into a living nightmare. Farmers, still grappling with the aftermath of land compensation disagreements, now find themselves wrestling with wild cows wreaking havoc in recent weeks. Samuel King, an affected farmer, reveals that this situation has not only impeded growth but also severely impacted profits.

King, speaking on behalf of fellow farmers, emphasizes the staggering loss of over 50 million in produce. Given the ongoing challenges, he expresses deep concern, stating that it has become too much to bear. King, once an advocate for farming as a means of sustenance, has now ceased encouraging youngsters to pursue farming due to the overwhelming difficulties. In a plea for assistance, King urges authorities to intervene and address the dire situation. This comes after the farmers were forced to relocate in 2022 when their occupied land was earmarked for the construction of a prison. Despite the relocation, their struggles persist, leaving them in a state of perplexity.

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