Route taxi operators are being encouraged by Transport and Mining Minister, Robert Montague, to see their chosen vocation as a business that can be sustained for generations.

“I want to push you in the direction of seeing the industry as a business and not a hustle; even better than that, as a career path that you can encourage your children to take up,” he said.

 “This is not an industry to be ashamed of. I would prefer you to earn the money, expand the business and encourage your children to take it to the next level,” he added, while addressing members of the Route Taxi Association at the Tropics View Hotel in Mandeville, Manchester.

The Minster, during his presentation, shared a number of business ideas that the taxi operators could consider to grow their operations.

“I would like you to think of other things to do with your cars such as legal advertisements inside the cars. Get a video screen with ads tailored to adults and children,” he said.

He noted that there is also opportunity for members to operate tyre dealerships, and apply for used-car dealership licences under the umbrella of the National Association of Transport Operators, which would enable them to import cars for resale to other drivers.

Other suggestions forwarded by the Minister include becoming a distributor for oil and petroleum products; operating a public transport maintenance garage;importing or manufacturing brake pads; operating a grocery shopping service; providing shuttles to and from airports and markets; organising a courier service, among others.

“This industry is the only one where mothers will entrust their young children to a driver to transport them to and from school and leave their house keys for them to leave the children at home – people trust you,” Minister Montague told the taxi operators.