Montague Supports Minister Chang’s ‘Do Not Miss’ Comment 

Former Security Minister and Member of Parliament (MP), Robert Montague says he is in full support of Security Minister Dr Horace Chang’s ‘do not miss’ remarks. For weeks several Jamaicans called for a retraction or resignation dubbing the Minister’s comments as inhumane. However, the Member of Parliament says the police are trained to shoot in the head or torso if attacked by gunmen and insists that is the protocol.

Minister Chang’s comment received much backlash from the opposition and human rights advocates. However, the St. Mary Western MP told the Parliament Tuesday, that criminals must understand the consequence of firing at the police. Montague says the police are already trained to win any battle with gunmen, adding he sees nothing wrong with the Minister’s comment. He insists criminals must know it is not a wise pursuit to challenge law enforcers. 

Meanwhile, he is urging Dr. Chang to make further amendments to the Firearms Bill to allow applicants for gun licenses to make appeals directly to the Minister and to place a time limit on the processing of applications. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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