MOH: Burn Unit Coming for Jamaica 

While Jamaica continues to seek overseas help for persons who suffer major burns, the government says plans are underway for a long-awaited burn unit at the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI). During a recent discussion on Diaspora Hardtalk Minister of Health & Wellness Dr. Christopher Tufton noted, that during this fiscal year a burn unit will be provided to Jamaica to ease the current burden for persons who require extensive care. Currently, persons who suffer severe burns are forced to leave the country for treatment, often at great expense. Dr Tufton highlighted the significance of the gift.

Though hospitals in Jamaica are able to treat burns with the exception of extreme cases.  A 2022 incident where a 13-year-old girl from spring field, Westmoreland went to the united states for treatment after surviving 

A deadly house fire that claimed the lives of her 3 brothers among others that had to be treated overseas reinforced the need for Jamaica to improve its capacities. Dr Tufton says having a central unit in the country will redound to the benefit of the nation.

Reporter: Nicola Brown

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