MOE Warns Teachers Against Strike Actions

Since the week-long protest by educators across the island, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has issued a warning to teachers that they may face sanctions for breaches of their duty to care. In an advisory, the education regulations by which educators are guided by were reiterated and members of the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) urged to maintain stability and normal proceedings in schools. The Ministry in an advisory says the JTA has yet to notify them of any of the industrial actions that have been happening for the past week as such they are unable to guide students and parents accordingly. The Ministry in a statement to regional directors, chairmen, and principals is asking that school administrations guide teachers to take the necessary steps for proper documentation of leave taken.

Teachers are being cautioned that their actions may lead to a breach of their duty to care as schools are being disrupted with no regard for the safety of students. 

The advisory enforced the education regulations of 1980. The Ministry of education says they will be seeking a meeting with the Ministry of Labour and Security to deliberate further with the JTA on how to treat with the current issue at hand. 

Reporter: Kimberly Henry

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