The Education Ministry will be conducting a full audit of metal detectors in schools on Monday, intensifying its security measures to protect students. Education Minister Fayval Williams says metal detectors will be the first step, in the government’s initiative to curtail school violence. Minister Williams says the ministry will be boosting security protocols and policies in schools to protect students.

The country has experienced numerous violent incidents in schools, since the return of full face to face learning. Williams says safety and security policy guidelines have always been part of the learning system, noting whatever is illegal in society is also illegal in schools. She says a full audit will be done on Monday, to implement the use of hand held and walk through metal detectors in schools. 

She says metal detectors will be the first step, to deter violence in the education system. Minister Williams says students who are caught with weapons will be referred to counseling, as no student behavior should be neglected. She notes schools have seen more guidance counselors and deans of discipline coming on board. Meanwhile, the minister is encouraging parents to communicate with their children, reiterating that the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways.

Williams insists everyone has a role to play in protecting students.