MOE says Improvement In CSEC Math And English

The Ministry of Education (MOE) says there is an improvement in Mathematics and English Language in this year’s CSEC results. Minister Fayval Williams, however, noted that these results should not be compared to 2019. This is due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The delivery of the exams had taken a different format but the results are showing an improvement in key subject areas.

The Minister expressed that “in the area[s] of Mathematics and English Language, the recorded percentage passing were 55.6% for Mathematics and 83.9% for English Language.”

Several other subject areas showed an average pass rate of over 90 percent. “These were Agricultural Science double award 94.4%, Agricultural Single Award 92.9%, Electronic Document Preparation and management 96.4%, Food, Nutrition and Health 91.9%,” she said.

Similar results were achieved in Information Technology, Principles of Business, Religious Education, Theatre Arts, Physical Education and Sports. Over 76 percent of the students were awarded a passing grade (grades 1 to 3) for subjects in the CSEC examination.

Also for the CAPE exam, Minister Williams announced favourable results.

“In Grade one 14% percent, in Grade two 22%, Grade three 23.6%, Grade four 20% and Grade five 12.8%,” she said.

Having received reports of issues with the grading profile for some results, the Education ministry has indicated that they are investigating the matter, and further dialogue will be held with the registrar at the overseas Examination Council.

CVM LIVE’s Khadijah Thomas: