On Wednesday, the Ministry of Education inaugurated the first day of a two-day International Mathematics Conference, themed “Numbers Matter: Mathematics Education for Nation Building, Economic Prosperity, and Community Empowerment.” This conference arises from mounting concerns over the dwindling performance levels in mathematics within both primary and secondary education.

In response to the decline in mathematics performance observed by the Education Ministry, a two-day seminar has been initiated to tackle this issue. Collaborating with local experts, the Ministry of Education brought together professionals from around the world, including Africa, Colombia, and Singapore, to explore novel and inventive strategies for reintroducing the subject with a more abstract approach. Marsha Smith, the State Minister responsible for Education, emphasized the significance of this endeavor in an interview with CVM Live. She conveyed that this initiative is crucial, asserting that an abstract orientation toward Mathematics will facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject for individuals. Given the statistical evidence of declining performance among males, she elaborated on how the abstract approach is anticipated to be particularly advantageous for them.

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