Mixed Views on Jamaica’s Support to Haiti

On Tuesday Prime Minister Andrew Holness announced that Jamaica will be assisting Haiti. Apart from the assistance is in the form of military support. However, this announcement has left many wondering how will Jamaica support the Haitians in their fight against crime, while Jamaica is suffering from a shortage of security forces. Security experts have shared their mixed views with us

With Jamaica fighting its own crime scourge, the Prime Minister’s announcement on Tuesday that the country is prepared to facilitate crisis torn Haiti with military support has left many pondering what form of support is likely.

The decision has left many questioning whether or not Jamaica will be dispatching troops to Haiti or solely offering expert advice. 

In an interview with CVM LIVE, LT Commander George Overton says assisting neighbouring countries is necessary and is in the best interest of protecting Jamaica and its shared borders from the impacts of Haiti’s crisis.

But is Jamaica in any position to offer the needed aid? Watch the report:

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