There is exists much ambivalence to Kamina’s loss in the race for Secretary-General of the Commonwealth. Deputy Permanent Representative of Jamaica and expert on International Affairs, Ambassador Curtis Ward believes Jamaica may have lost the trust of many Commonwealth countries, for challenging the incumbent. However, Political Commentator Kevin O’Brien Chang says that’s mere international politics, and will not affect Jamaica in any way.  Senator Kamina Johnson-Smith’s defeat in the race for commonwealth secretary-general has stunned many Jamaicans, a sizable number of whom were hoping the minister would be victorious in her bid. 

The 24 to 27 loss is clear confirmation that Johnson-Smith will retain her post as Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister. However, Ambassador Ward says things will not be business as usual for Jamaica, as he notes the country must now mend fences in CARICOM. Ambassador ward says putting forward Johnson-Smith during Baroness Scotland’s tenure may cause other countries to view Jamaica as untrustworthy.

He also says it may now prove challenging for her to work with those heads of governments. However, Kevin O’Brien Chang say’s Jamaica has not lost anything from losing the challenge. He says while he hoped the Minister would be successful, the loss may be exactly what the government needs to shake its complacency. 

Reporter: Velonique Bowen