Mixed Reactions to Clarendon SOPE 

Politicians in Clarendon were split on their take on the imposition of the recently announced State of Public Emergency, SOPE. The Minority Leader cites challenges to operating businesses under the special measure and refutes the relevance in all areas of the parish. However, his views were refuted by the mayor who welcomed the soe in light of recent shootings and murders.

Clarendon is one of the three parishes under a state of emergency since Tuesday morning. While crime in Jamaica has reportedly declined in 2023, there has been a 67 per cent increase in murders and 41 per cent increase in shooting incidents in Clarendon.  As such, a 14-day State of Public Emergency, SOPE, has been declared, as a means to dismantle criminal gang activities and spiraling crime. Minority leader for the Clarendon Municipal Corporation Scean Barnswell, however, believes an SOE at this time will greatly handicap commerce in the parish.

Repoter: Natalia Clarke

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