Ministry of Education Says Virtual Classes Come October

The Ministry of Education says there will be no face to face interaction between teachers and students when schools reopen on October 5. Education Minister, Fayval Williams during an address to the nation yesterday said schools will be welcoming students in an online format. This follows concerns from parents, teachers and students over a spike in COVID-19 cases. Parents have been expressing concerns about sending their children off to school due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

The Ministry says it has been making preparations to distribute tablets to students on the PATH program. Priority will be given to grades four to six and high school students grades 10 to 13.

But what about parents whose children are not on PATH and cannot afford a smart device?

There have been calls for the government to suspend taxes on smart devices such as tablets and computers for back to school. However, Prime Minister Andrew Holness says people will exploit the concession. Students who do not have access to devices will have access to textbooks. The content will also be available online. The Ministry will also be broadcasting educational content on the two major television stations.

The Government is reminding parents and guardians that they should not be forced to pay school fees. However, should use the money to purchase a smart device for their children. 

CVM LIVE’s Jamaila Maitland reports: