Minister Chang: Government Moves To Strengthen the JCF

The Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang says the government is moving to ramp up the legislative infrastructure governing the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). 

Minister Chang says for the Jamaican Constabulary Force (JCF) to be more effective the laws guiding their actions must be reviewed.  Apart from being under-resourced the minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang says the Jamaica Constabulary Force needs an improved legislative framework to properly arm the force in its effort to tackle crime.

The minister says years of neglect are still burdening the abilities of the members of the JCF as they perform their duties.

And as crime and violence grip the country the minister says a more equipped Constabulary Force is needed and the government is putting the necessary measures in place to tackle criminal elements.

Chang says by March 2021 a reviewed Fire Arm Act will be presented to the parliament. The security minister was speaking at the second staging of the award ceremony for police civilian and oversight authority’s PCOA.