In a confidential communication dated December 29, 2023, addressed to the Honourable Dr. Horace Chang, Minister of National Security, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) sought approval for the imposition of a 48-hour curfew in sections of Bickersteth, Cambridge, St. James Division. This action comes in response to a surge in violence attributed to escalating gang-related activities, resulting in murders and shootings within the specified areas.

Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Clifford Blake, outlined the necessity for the curfew to prevent further violence, with concerns that without intervention, the unrest may spill over into neighboring communities. The request, made under Section 50B (1) (3) (b) of the Constabulary Force Act, seeks special powers to detect and prevent crime.

The confidential schedule accompanying the application delineates the boundaries for the curfew, with Mr. Clifford Chambers, Assistant Commissioner of Police – Area 1, appointed as the Ground Commander for effective execution.

Minister Chang, in his authorization, emphasized the disruption of public order and safety caused by criminal activities, justifying the need for special police powers. The approved curfew, effective from 6:00 pm on Friday, December 29, 2023, to 6:00 pm on Sunday, December 31, 2023, covers specific zones within Bickersteth, Cambridge, and the St. James Division.

Additionally, a similar request was submitted for Salt Spring, Montego Bay, St. James, citing a parallel escalation of violence. The Minister of National Security, Horace Chang, approved the curfew in this location as well, with the same duration and a specific geographic area outlined in the confidential schedule.

The Ground Commander for the Salt Spring curfew is also Mr. Clifford Chambers, Assistant Commissioner of Police – Area 1. The boundaries, similar to those in Bickersteth and Cambridge, were meticulously detailed in the schedule to ensure precise enforcement.

These curfew measures are part of a broader strategy by the Jamaican authorities to curb the rising tide of violence in specific regions. Residents within the designated areas are expected to adhere to the curfew, remaining within their premises unless otherwise authorized by the appointed Ground Commander. CVM TV will continue to monitor and report on developments as the authorities work towards restoring peace and order in these communities.


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