Since Monday, November 6, approximately seven mining contractors with Discovery Bauxite Company, formerly Noranda Bauxite Company in St. Ann, have not reported for work. Their collective silence serves as a clear signal to the company: they are seeking payment amounting to millions of dollars, encompassing nearly a year’s worth of arrears.

Despite efforts to keep the matter confidential, CVM News has obtained exclusive information- the daily operations involving heavy mining equipment and trucks, extracting and transporting bauxite ore, commonly referred to as ‘red dirt,’ from mining pits in and around St. Ann to stockpiles at Water Valley or Tobalsky in the parish have come to a standstill. From these locations, the ore is typically transported by train to the port in Discovery Bay, where it is loaded onto cargo ships. Two months ago, there was a meeting with Discovery Bauxite to address outstanding payments, resulting in some progress. However, the situation has regressed to its initial state, with the company citing insufficient funds from its overseas corporate entity to cover local expenses.

Unfortunately, the contractors, responsible for approximately 500 individuals working from 7 AM to 6 PM, are no longer willing to accept this situation. As a result, our newsroom has learned of a scheduled meeting between the disgruntled contractors and Jamaica Bauxite Mining Limited set for this Thursday. Efforts to obtain a response from the company’s operations manager yielded a promise of an email response from the public relations department. However, as of close to six, we were still awaiting a response, and all other attempts to reach the company were unsuccessful. Watch:

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