Minimal Seizures; Police Hopeful To Earn Residents’ Trust

With limited seizures or arrests of wanted people in the newly imposed Zone of Special Operations, the commanding officer for the Central Kingston Police is hoping to strengthen police citizen relations to help reduce crime in the space. 

He was speaking recently about the gains made since the start of the ZOSO in parade gardens. On Monday a day after the zone of special operations, ZOSO was imposed in parade gardens, Central Kingston, some residents were already hopeful for an end to the decade long gang war. Many have died over the years from the conflict which has deep roots in rival factions of one family.

Commanding officer, Superintendent Beresford Williams says the ZOSO will allow the police to strengthen their ties with the residents to achieve peace overtime.

Supt Williams notes despite minimal success to seize illegal weapons in the space on Monday they made a find. The officer says they’ve found two magazines and are still in search of the firearms. However, he notes, they’ve seen improved interactions between the residents and the security personnel since the enhanced security measure.