Two Men Murdered In Kingston And St Andrew

Two men murdered in Kingston and St Andrew – The Spanish Town police continue to probe Tuesday morning’s killing of a vendor in the town; reports are that the vendor was walking along Burke Road in the area when he was approached by four armed men who chased and shot him. The incident is similar to another that occurred in the Pembroke Hall community – another crime scene. A man was reportedly shot and killed by men traveling on a bike. 

Taxi operators are concerned about the incident, saying developments like these affect their ability to function due to the passengers being fearful. “We can’t get fi mek no money, can’t get fi mek no money ’cause mi a come out and mi can’t get no passenger. The town is hot. Mi nuh know what fi do…everywhere block off,” said a taxi operator.

Once a crime is committed in Spanish Town, business operations are usually affected. It is a problem for residents who do not wish for Spanish Town to return to the days of unchecked crime and violence.

“Nothing is going on more than the town is just wrecking so we have to see somewhere different fi survive then.”

However, one business operator noted that he was not fazed by the incident noting that business operations must go on.

“Business remain the same enuh. Sometime the business up and sometime it down,” he said. “Things like this happen all the while and we have to work. We have to do it, we can’t run away from it.”

With the two men murdered, police are probing both incidents. CVM LIVE’s Christeen Forbes reports: