Member Of Parliament Addresses Water Shortage In Corporate Area

Member of Parliament for South West St Andrew, Angela Brown Burke says steps are being taken to address the water issues in his constituency.

She says she was made aware of the protest in Waltham Park on Monday and understands the concerns being raised by residents. She says these issues were made known to the Minister with responsibility for water, Pearnel Charles Jr who advised her that 23 out of 54 affected areas received water.

This was either through their pipelines or by trucks. Brown Burke, however, notes that 34 others are yet to receive the much-needed resource.
According to the Member of Parliament, many children are unable to attend school because there is no water in their homes to have a bath. She says there have been issues with the water supply since the roadworks began.

Brown Burke notes that the present demonstration is a sign of frustration with the process. She notes that while there is trucking of water in some areas, others are being neglected. She says this might not be done intentionally but many lack the resource to carry out many activities in their homes.

She says the government must now act to ensure that there is regular trucking of water to areas that have been affected.