Medical Doctor Condemns “Crate Challenge”

Local Injury Prevention expert, Dr. Cathi Ann Williams is cautioning several social media users opting to try the Crate Challenge. Videos of the risky climb of stacked crates have gone viral in recent days of locals and foreigners attempting to master the crates.

The takeoff of social media has led to the creation of scores of challenges geared towards daring people to do stunts and risky acts for a following or support. The latest of such the Crate Challenge, aim is for a person to walk up a flight of stacked crates on one side and descending on the opposite side.

Very few have been successful, Dr. Williams sees the devil in the dare. All while grappling with a shortage of hospital beds spurred on by the persistent pandemic. She notes other likely risks and problems from such falls.

Data shows that over the last 5 years unintentional injuries appeared to be on the decline, but Dr. Williams says such challenges could affect those numbers. The Doctor’s prescribing a hearty dose of caution before accepting such challenges. The expert is reminding Jamaicans to exercise wisdom before attempting the challenge which could lead to death or lifelong illnesses.

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