Meadows Concern for Those Who Won’t Recover from SSL Loss 

Former JLP Senator turned PNP Member, Dennis Meadows, says the Financial Services Commission (FSC) -fell down on the job and therefore the government, including the Finance Minister must be blamed. He says it is unfortunate Usain Bolt suffered in this incident, but fears for those who have no way of recouping their losses. 

The government must take some amount of responsibility for the unfortunate happenings at the Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) and the related issues in how the regulator the FSC handled those concerns to date; that’s according to newly converted PNP supporter and former JLP Senator, Dennis Meadows. He says if Finance Minister Dr Nigel Clarke was indeed in the wrong by any measure, he too should tender his resignation.

His comments follow news that the Finance Minister was alerted to concerns at the entity by way of a letter from the FSC back in 2019. However, Dr Nigel Clarke says it was never brought to his attention.

And while Meadows explain that bolt’s loss is unfortunate and no doubt significant, he says he worries for the alleged victims who are not likely to rebound from this hit. The Opposition has been lamenting that the government ought to and should have done more over the years by way of policy and effective oversight to protect the interest of the investing public. Watch the report: