Mckenzie: Beaches And Rivers To Remain Closed

Seventeen (17) beaches and nineteen (19) rivers across the country ordered closed by the government in August will remain closed. 

Local Government and Rural Development Minister, Desmond Mckenzie made the announcement in parliament, Tuesday afternoon.

This as the Minister says there have been reports of continued breaches of the COVID-19 protocols.

He also addressed the issue of illegal parties. Recently, the operators of two popular beaches in Portland say since the government ordered their beaches and 15 others closed on august 14, no permission has been granted for them to reopen. 

But, in parliament on Tuesday, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Desmond Mckenzie said the 17 beaches and 19 rivers will remain closed as there are still breaches of the COVID-19 protocols.

The minister also sought to tackle the matter of illegal parties. He says no permits have been issued by municipal corporations for any event over the last four months.

However, the minister notes those more than 3-hundred events are being held across the country, weekly, violating the health and safety protocols.

He says the information has been passed on to the police. Minister Mckenzie says there are also nightclubs operating under the guise of restaurants. 

He also notes a worrying decline in the level of compliance by operators of community bars and taverns. 

The ban on entertainment activities including night clubs and parties remains in effect until January 15, 2021.

Aladden Love has this report: