Mayor of Falmouth: Vaccination Blitz Sites Set for Trelawny

Mayor of Falmouth announced that there will be blitz sites in Trelawny in the coming weeks and is urging residents to take advantage of these sites to add to the effort in making the country normal once more. As blitz sites move across the country reaching out to more citizens each day to access vaccines, Trelawny is now being engaged. Mayor of Falmouth Colin Gager says on September 9, there will be blitz sites in the parish and he is urging all residents to make use of this opportunity.

Gager says though he understands there are some residents who have reservations about taking the jab, with the proper research the right choice is to take it.

He says members of the public should desist from watching various videos that are not factual to further bring doubts about the vaccine that he says will bring normalcy once more

The Mayor says he is fully vaccinated, along with his team and various political representatives, as they try to set examples for all to follow. 

He says the residents should use these blitz sites to their advantage as it was properly planned out by various ministries to ensure members of the Falmouth division showed up to take the jab.