Mayor Gager: Trelawny Will be a Larger Tourism Hub

Mayor of Trelawny Colin Gager says crime in the parish has been minimal, this as he notes police have been working assiduously to eradicate criminal elements that may linger in the parish. He also adds residents have also played a role in relying on the police, rather than taking matters into their own hands.

Speaking with CVM Live Friday, October 23, Mayor Colin Gager in his latest update on crime in the parish says while he lauds the police for being efficient in maintaining crime in the parish, the importance of communities having a good relationship with the police is of significant importance.

Gager noted that the partnership with a good police team in Trelawny who are ready to go out to have community meetings and having a good relationship with a police at every station in the parish is integral in managing the crime level in the parish.

Mayor Gager says as peace reigns in the parish, he is optimistic and hopeful it will remain. In the meantime, he calls on other stakeholder groups to get more involved. What is needed however, is more development, and the Mayor thinks the parish has more to offer.

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