Massive Crop Lost After Goats Attack 

A farmer is lamenting his massive loss, not as a result of praedial larceny, but unwanted animals, who consistently stray onto his property. The struggling farmer tells CVM LIVE he has been grappling with the dilemma for years and despite repeated requests to the relevant authorities, his problem persists. 

A farmer in the Berkshire District in the vicinity of Spur Tree, Mandeville is pleading with the owners of animals, who are a constant nuisance to his daily life. He says the animals are left unattended and make regular trips to his home.

Melbourne Mead, a farmer in the Mandeville area, says one of the main issues, farmers face, are stray animals destroying their crops.  He compares this difficulty to praedial larceny, because of the grand scheme of loss that he is forced to endure because of the stray animals. Watch the full report below:

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell 

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