Head of State of the Cockpit Country Chief Richard Currie has made it clear that the maroons do not intend to wage a war of any kind with the government of Jamaica who in recent times rejected their claims of sovereignty. 

In an Instagram live video Chief Currie made several revelations while calling for diplomatic dialogue with the government. He says the maroons are resolved to work with the government to bring a resolution to the challenges, but not in a divided way.  

A solid attack on their legacy and their heritage is how Chief Currie sees the recent comments surrounding the maroons’ sovereignty. The chief spoke of a meeting held on Sunday with members of the indigenous tribe and their legal representatives. The colonels present agreed with the meeting excluding Chief Currie. This after a decision was taken by all to submit their concerns on the rights of maroons to the government as a collective.

The Chief notes that he is unclear as to what may have caused his fellow colonels to change their minds.