Leader of the PNP  – It is official; Mark Golding is the sixth president of the People’s National Party (PNP) and the leader of the parliamentary opposition, replacing former leader Dr. Peter Phillips.

Golding took the oath of office during a ceremony at king’s house in St Andrew, on Tuesday, November 10.He was presented with the instrument of appointment by Governor General Sir Patrick Allen.

According to Golding, this important role will not be taken lightly. Members of the party and his immediate family were in attendance to witness the occasion.

Notably absent, was his running mate, Lisa Hanna, who issued a statement saying she is unable to attend the ceremony as she was ordered by her doctors to stay home for the next four days due to a severe chest cold and sinus complication.

Meanwhile, shortly after his appointment, Golding made his first appearance as leader of the parliamentary opposition in the House of Representatives. And with the weight of the party now on his shoulders, Golding must define what a PNP under his leadership will stand for and what it will offer the Jamaican people. 

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