Mark Golding Duly Nominated For PNP Presidency Race

Mark Golding and Lisa Hanna are the only candidates vying for the presidency of the 82 year old People’s National Party.

Both candidates have been duly nominated. Thus, signaling the delegates to get on their marks and go to the polls on November 7.

Earlier yesterday, Golding sealed the deal at the Party’s Headquarters on Old Hope Road in Kingston.

An atmosphere of jubilation prevailed outside of the Headquarters, as he made his entrance with members of his team and supporters chanting his surname.

On the inside, the nomination process got underway and the fee of one hundred thousand dollars was paid.

Additionally, instead of the requisite 12 witnesses, Golding had 24.

“We’ve been doing our work on the ground; we have been checking our numbers and we’re very comfortable with where we are now and we just have to run through the tape,” Golding said.

Meanwhile on the outside supporters gave their reasons for supporting Golding

Lisa Hanna was also duly nominated. Her nomination day was on Wednesday, October 21.

The elections will be managed and run by the Electoral Office of Jamaica with polling stations in each Parish.

The final delegates list is to be made available by October 30. 

CVM LIVE‘s Robian Williams reports: