The recent criticism directed at Mandeville Regional Hospital over the absence of a functioning CT scan machine has been met with an explanation from a hospital representative. Contrary to claims of a malfunction, the representative clarified that the hospital had never possessed such a machine in the first place.

This issue came to the forefront when the transfer of a 14-year-old student, who had been brutally assaulted by another student encountered a distressing complication at Mandeville Hospital. The teenager had sustained severe injuries affecting his face and brain, prompting doctors to urgently recommend a CT scan. Regrettably, there was no operational CT machine available. Consequently, arrangements had to be made to transport the injured teen to the University Hospital of the West Indies in Kingston, located approximately 100 kilometers away. This situation has raised concerns about the state of the healthcare system in the region.

Jesse James Clarke, the Shadow Spokesman on Health and Wellness, has asserted that this incident underscores the persisting weaknesses within the healthcare sector, shedding light on the need for improvements and investments in medical facilities and equipment. Watch:

Reporter:  Celine Campbell.