Manchester Residents Shaken By 15 Year Old’s Murder

Residents of Turner Top, Manchester are still shaken by the killing of 15-year-old, Vesteroy Sinclair. His death has brought fear to the community, as residents are increasingly cautious of lingering outdoors. 

Reports are that around 10 on Saturday night, gunmen entered Sinclair’s home. After hearing the commotion in the house, the boy attempted to investigate the situation when he was shot and killed.

Councillor Caretaker for the Mandeville Division, Omar Robinson, says the usually lively community is now crippled by fear. Robinson describes the boy as a peaceful and loving child, who was friendly with neighbors and active in school engagements. 

He is calling for the Alligator Pond Police Station to receive proper funding so they can better track criminal activities in the area. Watch the full report:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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