Manchester Motorists On New Road Traffic Act

High police presence could be seen in Manchester on Thursday, enforcing the new Road Traffic Act and using the electronic ticketing system. This comes amidst the phased rollout of the Road Traffic Act 2018 that has taxi operators still questioning aspects of the legislation and the penalties attached.

One taxi operator says the government should review the child restraint system for route taxis. While the operators also call for adjustments to other aspects of the Road Traffic Act. Sub-officer in charge of Manchester Traffic, Sergeant Florizel Williams, says the rollout of the E-ticketing system is already helping to establish order in the town. He says it has helped law enforcers to issue tickets more time efficiently.

Police Commissioner Antony Anderson urged officers to be mindful of their interactions with citizens, a message Sergeant Williams says is important, as motorists get familiar with the provisions of the new act.

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Reporter: Nicola Brown

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