Man Shot Dead in Front St. Elizabeth School Children

A motorist transporting three students from the Park Mountain Primary school in St. Elizabeth was fatally shot in Santa Cruz on Tuesday. The incident has raised concerns about the impact the killing will have on the children over time.

‘Shot dead in front of children,’ that is the story of the now deceased, 27-year-old Devar Garwood, who was shot by unknown assailants along a section of the Santa Cruz to Lacovia main road in St. Elizabeth Tuesday night. He was driving from the Park Mountain Primary School, and in his car, three school children. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear.

Councillor for the Santa Cruz Division, Christopher Williams, describes the incident, as unfortunate, noting he sees it as a sign of lawlessness taking over the nation. Williams says this senseless act of violence affects the community and the livelihood of those around. Watch the report below:

Reporter: Nasika Alliman

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