Jamaica Constabulary Force Announces Life Imprisonment Sentence for Individuals Convicted of Weapon and Ammunition Charges, under the New Firearms Act. Read the release below:

In a significant development in the fight against illegal arms, 26-year-old Atlee Eric Murray of a March Pen Road address, has been handed a life sentence following a landmark conviction.
Reports are that on the night of December 24, 2022, at approximately 9:35 PM, officers were patrolling the March Pen Road, Spanish Town vicinity when they spotted a group of men near Big Tree. Noticing the police presence, Murray made a sudden attempt to flee the scene. During the pursuit, officers observed Murray removing a firearm from his waistband.
After apprehending him, the weapon was identified as a Taurus 9mm Pistol. Along with the firearm, one magazine containing thirteen 9mm cartridges was also recovered.
Murray was arrested and taken to the Spanish Town Police Station. After undergoing a formal question and answer session, Murray was charged and the case was escalated to the St. Catherine Parish Court. Due to the severity of the crime, the matter was subsequently transferred to the Gun Court Division of the Supreme Court.
Murray pled guilty to the charges and on October 26, 2023, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for the possession of a prohibited weapon, with the possibility of parole only after 15 years. Additionally, he received a 9-year sentence for unauthorized possession of ammunition.

This conviction stands as a testament to the commitment of the Jamaica Constabulary Force in ensuring the safety of its residents by curbing the threat posed by illegal firearms in the community.