Man Hacked to Death by Mob in St. Thomas

In a case of mistaken identity, investigations are underway into the mob killing of an unidentified man who was hacked in Llandewey District in St. Thomas as some residents disregarded the rule of law by taking justice into their own hands, on Wednesday, October 20.

Police theorize that residents believed the man that was hacked was Davion Bryan, the man suspected of abducting two girls Phylisa Prussia and Winshae Barrett in St. Thomas recently. Head of the St. Thomas Police, Superintendent Alsion Byfield says at 7: 30 a.m the police responded to reports of an injured man, she noted that upon reaching the scene; the police saw the man on the ground in jeans only. The ppolice called for assistance, the man was placed in a vechile and was pronounced dead at the St. Margaret’s Hospital.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for West St. Thomas, James Robertson is reminding the residents that mob killing is a criminal offence for which they can be arrested and charged. MP Robertson noted that though the man is not well-known to the community, this case must be solved as he is not sure if this is even a matter of mistaken identity, as the community is still calm. Bryan is still on the run; the residents are being urged to remain calm and allow the police to carry out their functions.

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