Man Escapes Death After Vehicle Plunges Over Precipice 

Fatalities on the deadly Spur Tree Hill main road, in Manchester are usually highlighted, to urge caution while underscoring the possible need for preventative measures. Our news team spoke with one motorist who narrowly escaped death and serious injuries earlier this week

He’s calling for infrastructural changes to minimize accidents. This motorist could have been another Spur Tree Hill fatality Wednesday morning, but fate decided otherwise. Not only did he escape death after his vehicle plunged over this precipice, but he’s also free of injuries. Still shaken up at the time CVM Live spoke with him, he tried to explain how it all unfolded. In January, three people were reportedly injured after a trailer crashed into a car resulting in both vehicles going over the same precipice.

Citing the need for infrastructural changes to the accident-prone hill, the motorist is pleading with the relevant authorities to intervene. At the same time, he’s urging caution on the major thoroughfare.