CVM News has learned that a significant reorganization is currently underway within the NCB Financial Group. Septimus Blake, who has served as the Chief Executive Officer of National Commercial Bank for over two decades, is stepping down from his position.

Mr. Blake’s departure marks the end of an era, and his successor, Bruce Bowen, is poised to assume the role pending regulatory approval. It’s noteworthy that Mr. Bowen was recently appointed as a director of NCBJ, a change that came into effect yesterday. Furthermore, Mr. Bowen will continue in his capacity as a special advisor to the Interim Group Chief Executive Officer of NCB Group, Robert Almeida. Both Mr. Bowen and Mr. Almeida were appointed in July as part of a strategic reconfiguration. CVM News has gathered information suggesting that additional changes within the organization are imminent. We remain committed to monitoring and reporting on these developments as they unfold.

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