Mahfood Demands Leadership on Crime, Lacks Faith in Government Over Time

One prominent businessman is demanding accountability and consensus from the nation’s leaders. He says for too long crime has been treated with little regard except for political gain or when it impacts persons directly. President of the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) John Mahfood says after 60 years of independence crime and corruption continue to blight the country’s growth. He levels much of the blame at the feet of the nation’s leaders who he says have tackled issues related to crime on a political front for years leaving much to be desired. 

Mahfood admits fighting crime will not happen overnight and demands, more than consensus from the politicians but timelines and action. 

He says over time, talks with leaders who have grown accustomed to praise from the masses have led to arrogance, where little weight is ascribed to stakeholders not considered experts. The businessman says confidence is dwindling among the people.

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