Low Citizen Reporting Limits Adequate Policing

The strategic placement of police personnel depends on citizens filing police reports. According to the head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) a lack of citizen reports is negatively impacting the police’s responsiveness.

Information coming from the Jamaica Constabulary Force Corporate Communication Unit with the head, SSP Stephanie Lindsay saying victims will make the report on social media but shy away from visiting a local police station.

“Why it is important for persons to report these matters is that we utilise our resources based on what the data is showing. So if we are seeing data on reports of certain type of crimes in an area it is going to be a focus area because we are aware of it and it is a focus area. However, if you don’t report it, that is not going to reflect on our statistics or area for any special focus,” Lindsay says.

She  believes that citizens do not want to go through the process of making the report but is encouraging them to do so. Her sentiments are being expressed by members of the public who believe that once reports are made, planned policing can be carried out.

Adding to this , a security expert Jason Mckay shares that citizen reports are critical to understanding the crime cycle and frequency of criminal action.