In a significant development, Lorne Donaldson, the head coach of Jamaica’s senior women’s football team, will no longer lead the Reggae Girls as they face Panama in the upcoming Women’s CONCACAF Gold Cup Qualifier. This decision follows the mutually agreed-upon separation between Lorne Donaldson and the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

According to an official statement released by the JFF on Friday, discussions regarding Coach Lorne Donaldson’s contract, set to conclude on September 30, 2023, were held between the coach and the Federation. After an extensive conversation, both parties reached a consensus that the contract would not be renewed. The JFF expressed its gratitude to Lorne for his dedicated service to Jamaican football, particularly for the pride he brought to the nation during the recent Women’s World Cup held in Australia and New Zealand. They also conveyed their confidence in his future endeavors, wishing him the very best.

With the Reggae Girls’ participation in the CONCACAF Women’s Gold Cup Qualifying tournament just around the corner, the JFF emphasized its commitment to promptly assembling a competent coaching staff to prepare the team for this crucial competition. Watch the report:

Watch the report: Newsroom – CVM TV