As the tourism sector experiences substantial growth, there is a noteworthy increase in the consumption of local products by tourists. Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett urges Jamaicans to invest further in their products, anticipating a surge in arrivals in the coming years. In 2023, Jamaica earned over $4.2 billion in gross earnings from tourism, with Minister Bartlett attributing this success to the heightened consumption of local goods and services.

To capitalize on this trend, Jamaicans are encouraged to bolster investments in their products. Minister Bartlett projects approximately 2.4 billion people traveling worldwide as tourists in the next few years, affirming the government’s commitment to maintaining Jamaica as a preferred destination. Initiatives include integrating technology at airports, expanding and rehabilitating road networks, and exploring the potential for another international airport. Emphasizing the importance of preserving Brand Jamaica, Minister Bartlett highlights 10 consecutive months of economic growth. Anticipating over three million stopover visitors in 2024—a historic milestone for Jamaica.


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