Local Crayfish Production Ideated by Portland Councillor

 Councillor/candidate for the Fellowship Division in Portland, Collin Bell is encouraging the commercial rearing of crayfish. The crustacean features prominently in the Rio Grande River. Bell recently made a call for a two-year ban on harvesting crayfish to replenish its numbers. He explains how personal and national revenue can be expanded through exporting.  He was speaking at the recently held People’s National Party (PNP) area meeting. Present was PNP President Mark Golding who is calling for increased focus on the agricultural sector to provide wider opportunities for employment and export.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries Pearnel Charles Jr, has outlined initiatives to support and strengthen the fisheries sector. These include conch hatchery project, oyster production, and the mariculture development project. Watch the full report below:

Reporter: Jhanielle Powell

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