LMAJ Condemns Leaked Video of Rushane Barnett

The Lay Magistrates’ Association of Jamaica (LMAJ) is condemning the actions of four Justices of the Peace, who allegedly recorded and released a video showing Rushane Barnett during a medical examination.

Queen’s Counsel Peter Champagnie says JPs are trained better than that. He says this may potentially affect people’s confidence in the system. Following the circulation of a video showing Rushane Barnett, the twenty-three-year-old man accused of the gruesome murders of a woman and her four children recently, the LMAJ is distancing itself from the act. 

The video shows three men and one woman, who identified themselves as justices of the peace and were subsequently present to protect the rights of Barnett, However, according to the LMAJ press release, recording and releasing a video was in direct contradiction to a JP’s role. 

Attorney-at-law and Justice of the Peace Peter Champagnie QC condemns the actions. He’s advising that the JPs be warned or sanctioned.

Reporter: Velonique Bowen

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